Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bad PIC, bad!

I have spent several nights trying to bring the PICKit Starter Kit back to life.  
First, there are two install disks:
   PICKit 1 Flash Starter Kit - 
            This includes the .hex loader and example projects
            This includes an IDE and the PIC C Lite compiler
I only knew about the MPLAB IDE disk. Thus things weren't working right when I tried to program a chip.  Finally found the other disk (buried in my closet) and reinstalled everything.

I installed one of my PIC12F675 (8-pin with 3 ADCs) chips in the Stater kit.  Loaded a precompiled .hex onto the board.  Ooh, look pretty lights. I was happy for the night.

The next day, I picked up where I left off.  I tried to compile and load one of the example programs.  The loader said that the write was successful,  and even read out the contents to verify correct saving.  
But nothing happened. Ug. I tried over and over. But no luck!?

Wife told me to try again in the morning and play Mario Kart Wii instead. Fine.

This morning, I pulled out the other two PICs that I have, another PIC12F675 and PIC16F630 (14-pin, same family).  I tried the load/verify with them.

TaDa! LEDs start blinking away. They both worked.  I tried the misbehaving PIC again, still nothing.  I guess I killed it that first night.  Oh well.

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