Sunday, May 16, 2010

Woodworking Project

I took a woodworking class at the community college. But what to do for a project?

Someone pointed out the hell that is the pantry.
I have a project now.

The pantry is in a tight corner. The current shelving is 8"x2' wire mesh. It uses less than 1/3 of the space in the pantry.

My proposed shelves are basically 2'x2' triangles (with additional 4" of overhang). This should provide a lot more space.

I should have documented the individual pieces before assembling them. Oops.
  • 3/4" plywood backing (1/4" deep dado cuts for the shelves)
  • four 1/2" plywood shelves
  • two 3/4" plywood shelves ( from the leftover from the backing)
  • 11.5" between the shelves
  • top shelf is cut much deeper (not triangular) so I can reach stuff on the top.
After assembling the shelves, I decided to round the edges (better late than never) .
I bought a router and bits (cool toy!).
I used a 3/8" round-over. The bit is recessed to 1/8" cutting surface.
I like the final look.
The next step is stain and protect.


  1. Very cool. How did you decide on the height of the individual shelves? I feel like a lot of times they're taller than they need to be but not tall enough for two cans stacked or whatever...

  2. the top shelf is 6ft (my height)
    6 shelves + floor = 12in in between (minus .5" thick).
    I measured cans and boxes. i glitched on cereal boxes...most are way taller than 12 inches. doh!

  3. Man,that does make our pantry look hellish.