Friday, July 15, 2011

Turtle Hat

I learned to knit when I was deathly ill on New Year's.
After the perfunctory "hello world" of knitting, a scarf, I tried to do something a little more interesting.
I came across some "hairy" yarn in a mossy green color. I decided to make a "turtle shell" hat.

This was my first real project. I didn't have a pattern; so I made it up on the fly. The first attempt was HUGE. Yeah, round 2.

I shrunk it and did a 2x2 rib. I used 2 continuous strings (green and brown). When I was done, it was gorgeous. Super cute, perfect, and.... SMALL.
It was so tightly knit from carrying the 2 lines the whole time. I gave it to a friend for her doll.

I was so frustrated, that I promised to never do it again. Instead I did a simple grey hat, fast, easy and pretty.

Then I got the itch to try the turtle hat again. This time I ran 12 lines! One for each color and patch. It was a difficult task to keep everything straight, but it worked. This time it was JUST RIGHT.
I gave it to my niece(nicknamed "Princess Turtle"). I would like to thank her for being my model.

1 comment:

  1. Hello,

    I am searching for a hairy yarn in a color similar to the green one you used for this. Where did you get it?

    Sorry for being random, but I need it to make Truffula Trees as my ode to Dr. Seuss for my wedding center pieces...

    Thanks and well done on the hat!