Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baby blankets

We have a tradition:
whenever someone is about to have a baby,
my wife makes a baby blanket.

She has made 10 or so for various friends.

Well my brother and sister-in-law are about to having a bouncing baby "?" of their own. My wife thought that I should make it myself. Since I have not sewn anything in about 20 years, I was reluctant.

After 3 hours, a lot of coaching, and little help, I proudly present, my first baby blanket:

My brother and SIL have decorated the nursery with a safari theme; therefore, we chose a cotton print to match. We went with a soft yellow flannel backing.

Now I just have to pack and mail it before the kid goes off to college. (Procrastination runs in my family)


  1. She made one for either Ash or Chiara. No, wait it was definitely Chiara. It is so soft and smooth!

    Congrats on making your frist blanket yourself.

  2. Looks like you did a great job! Glad you got to make it yourself.