Friday, June 17, 2011

Spy Trakr: Wide Angle Lens (more)

A little bit more about the lenses and installation.
This is the 1.8mm lens installed on the board.

I had to make a custom lens holder and I made it a little loose. The lens would shift when I installed it in the TRAKR. So I manually focused it and dribbled Elmers glue into the threads overnight. Now it is sturdy enough to install in the 'bot.

These are 3 of the 4lenses I used (excluding the one I installed).

The TRAKR lens is on the right. It has a 9mmx0.5 thread on the lens. This diameter is less common, but not too bad. The screw holes on the lens mount (and the TRAKR CMOS) are 18mm apart. This lens has an IR filter built in. This lets 850nm pass and blocks the other IR frequencies.

The other two lens are from the Surveyor SRV-1 (basic on left, wide angle in the middle). These are both 12mmx0.5 thread lenses. Much more common size. The included lens mount is on the center lens. The screw holes on the lens mount are 22mm too big for the TRAKR.

So I built my own lens holder: 12mmx0.5 thread with a narrow 18mm base. Not hard, but I was sloppy (thus the glue)


  1. I applaud your efforts and this documentation.
    I suspect a simple software hack could also have considerable benefits - the stock SpyGear SW only displays 25% of the CCD sensor. Perhaps if we could shift the offset of the memory buffer the video-streaming reads from, we could pan around the full 320x240 resolution.

    A further evolution would be to software down-sample the full resolution captured before streaming, leading to effect a software wide-angle lense : )

  2. I haven't had a lot of luck messing with video controls. Downsampling seems the most feasible.

  3. (*((volatile uint32 *)0xFFF07024)) = 0x01020102;
    (*((volatile uint32 *)0xFFF0E088)) = 0x800A5300;
    (*((volatile uint32 *)0xFFF0E060)) = 0x00000090;
    return false;

    quality is not the best, the hardware downsample looks like "nearest neighbor", but it's free : )

  4. Hey... What's the field of view like with your hardware wide-angle lens + the above tweak? Trying to bring back the Trakr in 2013, drop back in at the (terrible, terrible) SpyGear forums!