Friday, June 17, 2011

Spy Trakr: Motors

There are many complaints about the Spy Trakr motor; all of them say it's too weak.

I opened it up to see what we were dealing with.

Four gears in the train from the motor to the wheel
overall 1:40.4

Should be beefy enough, but the motor spins so slowly; the wheel does about 100 RPM.

Three wires to the motor: black, red, orange (the other wheel is green, blue, yellow)
This is a simple brushed DC motor. Orange/black power the motor and red is a ground to motor chassis.

The motor itself is a little larger than the typical guys I see at the hobby shop.
I will revisit this later to get a better idea of the motor, and how to improve the situation.


  1. I think a lot of the problem with low-torque at <full RPM is the default programming of the PWM timer. Try even a simple tweak of [code]

    #define PPR ((uint32) 0xFFF82000) // PWM Prescaler
    #define outp32(port,value) (*((unsigned int *)(port))=(value))
    #define inp32(port) (*((unsigned int *)(port)))

    uint32 stockp=inp32(PPR)*4;

  2. Funny, I hadn't touched the tracker for almost a year. I picked it St we to start working on radio again. Then you popped on the nearly forgotten blog. I will look at the code snippet and try it out